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Kalamuna, a Web Agency

Brand Strategy, Creative Direction
The Challenge

The Challenge

Kalamuna was an un-branded web development startup growing its capabilities. They needed a market position and creative expression that would appeal to mission-driven clients looking for a technical partner that could also provide design and strategy services. This was my opportunity to use everything I'd learned from big ad agencies to lead strategy and creative.



We needed to understand do-gooder marketing and technology leaders who hired Drupal agencies, as well as what Kalamuna could offer that competitors were not. Through interviews and a competitive analysis, we got to know what they valued and how we might uniquely address those values.



·      Decision-makers in do-gooder orgs were more critical of status-quo ideas than private sector counterparts.

·      We found that CMOs were turned off by developer-speak.

·      Even if the cost was higher, clients said they’d hire an agency that matched their culture and personality. 

·      Decision-makers said their web challenges were unique; they needed bespoke solutions, not “packages.”

Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning

Our findings gave Kalamuna the permission and confidence to create a brand identity that spoke to our clients’ rebellious spirits and reminded them why they chose to work for a social mission.

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The Kalabox 2 Kickstarter

We launched a product for developers called "Kalabox" via Kickstarter that earned $30,000 on a $23,000 ask. I led the strategy, creative + PR.

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